“These 5 Facts Explain Why Turkey Is in Deep Trouble” Ian Bremmer, TIME, 19 February 2016

“As Turkey ramps up its involvement in the war in Syria, it risks being hit by serious international blowback.”

Turkey has been placed in a bad position recently, and the times ahead do not offer much of a light at the end of the tunnel. Turkey’s involvement with the war in Syria is one of the main reasons why Turkey and its people are suffering. The nation is heavily burdened by the recent influx of refugees coming from Syria to escape the conflict; they have housed and fed around half of the total refugees from Syria. Turkey will continue to be burdened by the cost of taking care of these refugees even with the $3 billion check from the EU. Syria’s war has also caused Turkey to become physically involved because of its personal relationship with the Kurdish minority in the country. In order to continue to combat their own issues, they have had to step into the Syrian war to make sure their interests would be protected. Turkey has to continually worry about the war in their own country, with around 150 people being killed in Turkey by suicide bombs over the past seven months. Ankara is struggling to maintain control over Syrian Kurds who could be getting inside help. However, Turkey has rebounded from a recent fluctuation within its internal political structure, with Erdogan and the Justice and Development Party rallying the citizens for support of their newest military intervention by joining the Syrian conflict, in order to protect the country against ISIS and the Syrian uprising. Yet the nation is facing more political problems on the international front, with recent confrontations with Russia, forcing almost all of NATO against Russia. Their attack on the Kurds does not help relationships with the United States because of the United States relationship with the Kurds who are pushing back ISIS. Overall, Turkey is being opposed at every point, and will struggle to find a successful way out of it all.

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“These 5 Facts Explain Why Turkey Is in Deep Trouble” Ian Bremmer, TIME, 19 February 2016


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