“Implications of the Paris Attacks” Ali Imran, Pakistan Today, Nov 21, 2015

“The need of the hour is for the international community is to get together to address the plight of Syrian refugees as well as focus on resolving root causes of all these problems.”

The recent loss of lives points out the immediate need for an objective evaluation of the post 9/11 counterterrorism efforts. Additionally, the attacks call into question the international response to the ongoing Middle Eastern crisis that has led to a spillover of humanitarian catastrophe. There has been a sharpened international focus on the region following the Paris attacks and Russia discovering that its plane was blown midair, as claimed by ISIS or Da’ish. Meanwhile, the fight between radical forces and repressive regimes in the Muslim world have taken a volatile turn with the inflammatory mix of Iraqi and Syrian civil wars. A disjointed world approach to the Middle Eastern upheaval has worsened the predicament. Consequently, the world has failed to counter the stark militant propaganda that take its form in the brainwashed minds of the disillusioned youth. Some countries haven’t done so poorly: Canada has adjusted to rapid globalization through successful assimilation of migrants; Germany is the latest example of taking in a large number of Syrian refugees; and America has always been a multicultural place with great economic opportunity. So what happened in France that made it a target of terror? A fierce protection of secularism, a sense of economic deprivation among immigrant youth, discriminatory laws like a ban on Muslim girls wearing headscarves in school, or colonial era burden? As always, a mixture of all these factors. Clearly, France is a victim of both the spillover effect of the Middle Eastern problem and its own homegrown terror. The issue is, France must solve either both of these issues, or it will solve none at all.

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“Implications of the Paris Attacks” Ali Imran, Pakistan Today, Nov 21, 2015


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