If the firewall exists indefinitely, China will eventually revert to what it once was: a sealed off, narrow-minded, belligerent, rogue state.
Murong Xuecun, The New York Times, 17 August, 2015

he Great Firewall of China has stood on both the technological and ideological borders of China since 1998. Seventeen years after its creation it now serves to censor any foreign content that could criticize the government or not be suitably controlled. The Great Firewall echoes China’s isolationist past through the Internet, a tool that’s intended to allow communication across the globe.  The Chinese people are therefore left in the dark while accessing the internet. China’s modern history has been whitewashed within the Great Firewall: the Anti-Rightist Campaign, the Great Famine, the Cultural Revolution, and the Tiananmen Killings are all censored.  The only way for someone in China to access the uncensored web is a VPN (Virtual Private Network), and they are constantly being targeted by the Chinese authorities.  Even worse is that China is strengthening censorship technology, making it more difficult to find a new VPN.  This leads to more arrests for scholars, lawyers, journalists and activists who communicate outside the Chinese firewall.  There is a race between surveillance technology and internet technology, and more profoundly a war between censorship and freedom of information.

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If the Western world stops turning a blind eye on censorship in China and invokes pressure on the Chinese authorities to allow more freedoms, things will change positively.Charlie Smith, The Huffington Post, 4 Sept, 2015

Some are seeing the meetings as a way for Xi to show the Obama Administration that the lure of access to the Chinese economy is greater than the threat of sanctions being imposed against China for alleged intellectual property theft or cyber-attacks against the U.S..David Gilbert, International Business Times, 14 Sept, 2015

China’s government plans to embed cybersecurity police units at major Internet companies and websites to help prevent crimes such as fraud and ‘spreading of rumors’.Eva Dou, The Wall Street Journal, 19 Sept, 2015
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