Those in Tehran and Washington who oppose the deal—and those countries in the Middle East that have benefited from Iranian-U.S. estrangement—won’t make things easy. Still, the agreement is a risk worth taking … It is a ‘win-win’ for both countries, and a triumph of diplomacy and hope over war and cynicism.
Mohsen Milani, Foreign Affairs, July 15, 2015

he deal reached and signed on July 14th was one for the history books. This agreement is the culmination of months on end of not only discussing and debating the specifics between Tehran and Washington, but also resistance to opposition from all directions. Opposition that is far from over, as this US-Iran nuclear deal prepares to face US congress. However, to many this “is a ‘win-win’ for both countries, and a triumph of diplomacy and hope over war and cynicism.” The important points to take from the details of the deal are that through multiple avenues Iran’s path to a bomb has been effectively blocked, the breakout time should Iran ever seek a bomb would be around one year, and in return all of Iran’s assets will be unfrozen and all economic sanctions lifted, eventually.  Critics in the US will insist that Iran cannot be trusted, and that they gave up more than they should (and the same in Iran.)

What they will leave out is that the US strategy of containment and estrangement for the last 40 years has utterly failed to stop Iran from becoming a major power in the Middle East. Many also seem to be forgetting that negotiations most always necessitate concessions from both sides, and this one was no different. Of course neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia wanted there to be any deal at all, regardless of the contents, as both have benefitted from the longstanding schism between Iran and the West. However, Iran’s weight in the Middle-East makes them an invaluable ally in a region on the verge of all out chaos. Optimistically, this nuclear deal could very well be the foundation for cooperation and, eventually, stability in the Middle East.

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‘The deal that we have out there, in my view, from what I know of it thus far, is unacceptable. It’s going to hand a dangerous regime billions of dollars in sanctions relief while paving the way for a nuclear Iran,’ – Republican House Speaker John Boehner.Kristina Peterson, The Wall Street Journal, July 14, 2015

The deal struck Tuesday morning with Iran represents a similar leap of faith, a bet that by defusing the country’s nuclear threat — even if just for a decade or so — [Obama] and his successors would have the time and space to restructure one of the United States’ deepest adversarial relationships.David Sanger, The New York Times, July 14, 2015

Beneath Netanyahu’s and the Saudis’ rhetoric, [analysts] say, lies the realization that Iranian rapprochement with the West will fundamentally alter the delicate, U.S.-backed status quo that has long played to their advantage.Michael Pizzi, Al Jazeera, July 15, 2015
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