Jody Rosen, The New York Times, 5 May 2015


atches have always been a symbol of style and elegance. They have been considered more of a fashion statement than a functional time-teller. Nowadays, with phones that are the go-to for telling time, watches are increasingly becoming obsolete in their original sense. With Apple’s new watch just launched to the public, they are trying to modernize it to have a significant function. Yet the Apple Watch is only a complement to your iPhone. The functions that it has are, in essence, exactly what an iPhone can do, and in most cases an iPhone can already do them better. The watch can obviously tell the time, but in addition to that it can read emails, take calls, and be used to control your iPhone. In the relationship the watch has between the user and the iPhone, it becomes an unnecessary middleman that claims to save time by not having you reach inside your pocket for your phone. The Apple watch does bring a few more qualities to the table that could make it desirable to the consumer, though. First is its Activity app, which monitors and tracks critical information like heart rate and number of steps. The app also sends a tap to the user’s wrist when he/she needs to be more active in order to promote fitness. Another function, and probably the most seamless and innovative of the watch’s capabilities, is the tie the Apple Watch has with Apple Pay. By setting up Apple Pay onto your watch, you can pay for anything by passing the watch screen over a bar code scanner at a store that is compatible with Apple Pay. This helps further the Apple goal of being in every part of your life while also furthering the Apple Watch’s goal of cutting users’ interaction with the contents of their pockets. Functions aside, the Apple watch carries a steep price for the few useful functionalities it has. With pros and cons, the decision for an Apple Watch is up to the consumer: is it truly worth it or not?

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