Thomas Schultz, Der Spiegel, 4 March 2015


ilicon Valley is known for its cutting edge developments in the technology industry, but what people are unaware of is the endless ambition of these companies to bring their product to the whole world. Apple, Google, and Facebook are bent on achieving world domination in their particular product markets, and they are expanding globally to further this goal. Albeit these companies have great products, and the world will benefit from their aggression, they are achieving this goal through unorthodox, and sometimes illegal means which create consequences that adversely affect the world. Uber, the new carpooling app that is sweeping the market, is launching itself into cities and countries around the world. Some cities have created a ban on this app because the service undercuts the city’s taxi drivers and is unfair because it doesn’t have the same restrictions and regulations that taxi drivers must adhere to.

Despite these local bans, the CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick, launched the service anyway, disregarding the law. Many of these technology companies share Kalanick’s god complex, and are not only trying to determine what we consume, but how we consume it. They want to play by their own rules and don’t believe in regulations or external interference. Even societal values such as privacy and data protection have been compromised by these tech conglomerates. They are running rampant with power and forging the future with only their best interests in mind — and it’s time for them to be reined in.

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